12 gift ideas for vegans.

The most amazing thing during the holidays is to see  happiness and delight on the faces of those receiving presents. This is what my grandma said, who has seen a lot during her long life.

Presents long awaited and unusual, unexpected and useful, beautiful and specially selected.

Presents which will give happiness and warmth. Presents which will bring back pleasant memories over and over again. Presents which are unique and  make us dream about them all year long. Presents for which we will be thankful till the next new year.  Presents from the heart and for the soul. Presents which help to reach an ambitious goal and presents for happiness.

 Mission of this post is  to create a list of super ideas for presents for vegans.


Would you go to a ball? For the 5th year in a row vegan society of Vienna is hosting Vegan ball, in the high of the ball season. Historically in Austria all balls are organized by the societies and professional unions. There is Music Philharmonic ball, ball of the coffee houses, international ball of UN, firefighter’s ball. Ball isnt just ballroom dancing, even that there is plenty of dancing during the ball, from classical waltz to modern rock. Ball is a place for entertainment and communication, tasty food and an entertainment program. This year vegan ball will take place on Feb 23 in hotel Arcotel Kaiserwasser, Vienna. In the style of extravagant 50’s, the last great decade of high fashion.  Buy ticket, using this link, there is still an “early bird” special. For gourmets there is an option to book table for vegan gala dinner.


Look what an adorable piglet on the cover. Next year is the year of the pig, it’s one of the most highly intelligent animals. Each page of the calendar features  animals from the shelter. Proceeds from the calendar will be used to purchase animal  feed. Shelter Ugolek was established 8 years ago in Lvov region by vegan Alexandra Levitskaya and her family. Its one of the biggest shelters for the farm animals in the world, they opened branches in Nikolaev and Oddessa regions. Can also gift yearly subscription of patronage to the shelter.


Triyoga is famous for  the fact that its founder is the energy – kundalini. Transformative yogaflow came through Yogini Kaliji on January 5, 1980. It happened after Kaliji changed her diet to 100% plant based. When in one of the interviews Kaliji was asked if she could have only one practice, what could it be? Answer was “vegan”. Online store features not only clothing for yoga practice and yoga mats, but also high quality essential oils and incense sticks selected  by Kaliji in India, vegan musical instruments (tabla & dholak), music for meditation, yoga and life composed by musical genius Mercury Max. Mercury Max has been vegan for over 40 years. And of course TriYoga classes and programs. All the retreats organized by Triyoga feature vegan meals.


Yes its possible to gift vegan shoes. Vegan Anna from Saint Petersburg started production of vegan ethical hand made shoes. Can order fashionable shoes specifically for your measurements. “Our shoes last long time because we act for the reasonable  usage  of resources and its design won’t loose relevance after one season” – is one of the principals of ANIMA SHOES. Anna helped me to select corect size and my shoes came via mail. If you buy designers cruelty free shoes from Az-Art, use the word MAGIC to receive 5% discount (its reference program cooperating with the blog*). More choices can be found in my review of vegan shoes and purses.


Ahimsa (non violence) is the first step of yoga practice, this is why vegan is integrated into the system of TriYoga. Great reason to practice yoga, to charge batteries at the cosmic station  in the company of like minded people, in any part of the world online,without having to walk out of one’s home. Program features online classes, online presentations of vegan dishes and vegan life hacks. Monthly or or annual subscription are available.  Online studio opened its doors in November 2018. I, Ekaterina Ivchenko  am the director and the teacher of the studio . And of course there will be special guests. If you would  like to know details and get early bird discounts – please email me at admin@magicgreenkitchen.com


Long term vegans Indi & Cindi from Kiev have been filming videos for the past few years on how to prepare vegan dishes from the easily available ingredients. They select the best from national cuisines and veganize traditional dishes. For the patronage (just $1 per month which is minimum fee for the subscription) IndiCindi create special video tapes according to the requests of patronage, with recipes , about travel, selection of foreign bloggers. Such subscriptin – is also opportunity for communication with like minded vegans. Channel already has 40 patrones.


We vegans love new culinary ideas and tastes, we are interested to find out news and gastronomical trends, we love to cook (at least sometimes) and most importanly to communicate with like minded people. There are different classes – personal or group, in person or online. Recorded or in real time. Kelli Roberts is a vegan chef and TriYoga teacher, she took a course of study “Plant based  nutrition” at the Cornell University. Kelli studied nutrition and health at the Institute of Integral Nutrition. She offers individual and group cooking classes, programs and retreats, as well as special programs to support transition to vegan diet. Another option is online study course of plant based raw nutrition from Raw Chef from London Russel James. His video cooking course could be purchased as a whole,   or as separate parts. And if you are in Berlin, there is a possibility of taking a class with the rising star vegan chef MD Vegan, he is famous on You Tube for his Vitamix dance. Author of the project “Sweet Life without the Remorse” Elena Trusova conducts master classes to prepare deserts and sweets in Tallinn, Moscow and Kazan. Video of my cooking vebinar – master class on how to prepare vegan cheese with recipes.



Example – such tender and lovingly made silver jewerly (stamped 925 grade silver) from vegan Dima Rasilov @ VAKADI. It is unique not only because each piece is made by hand, but also that it is a manifesto, which its owner brings into the world – love and compassion to animals as a life style, as a life’s philosophy. I am vegan. Readers of blog get special gift from Dima – 10% discount using magical world MAGIC2018K (this coupon can be used for all the vegan jewerly in the store as well as the earrings – partnership reference program*)

Photo – VAKADI Jewerly

Or how about these elegant exclusive jewerly headsets. Artist – designer  – vegan Inna Doubson creates masterpieces individually, and masterfully combines colorful precious stones with the metal. Gift from Inna specially for the readers of blog – 5% discount for the vegan jewerly, use the word MAGIC. (reference partnership discount *).

Photo – Inna Doubson


Invite to the vegan restaurant or give the gift certificate to the vegan restaurant. How to find vegan restaurant? My magic wand to find vegan restaurants is Happy Cow app. I gave an instruction – overview in the blog on how this app works. When making a choice – suggesting to read reviews. In case restaurant doesn’t offer gift certificates on their site – talk to the manager. Most likely they will find best solution for your gift.


This is probably the most classical gift for a vegan, but it doesn’t mean such gift  won’t be appreciated. The easiest way is to collect a basket containing veggies and fruits or to gift veggie bouquet. Another option to gift an exotic fruit or vegetable. Can talk to the vegan store and ask to collect such a basket. Make basket filled with vegan cheese and non-milk from Moscow vegan producer VolkoMoloko.


Unfortunately with all the technological progress, not all perfume can be considered vegan. China still requires animal testing for all the producers, this is why all the world brands, who supply their products to China, can not call it vegan. Which makes plant based essential oil one of the best idea for such gift. Another option for 100% vegan perfume – aroma from vegan designer Stella McKartni. You can find more ideas of vegan perfume for any budget in my overview where I also explain why not all perfume is vegan and which markings will help to find vegan perfume.


Such a menu is being sent once weekly to its subscribers by vegan activist Anna Ivanova, author of the project Vegan Cookbook. Her dream is for “all vegans to eat well rounded and balanced meals”. Anna creates plans together with a dietician, using recipes from simple and assesible ingredients. Sign up for a month, 3 months or 1/2 year. There is still a discount active till January 10 – 6 months subscription at the price of 2 months with added gift – collection of the best new year recipes.

Subscription for the whole vegan menu is also offered by vegan biohacker, triathlete and ironman Rich Roll. I created a list of vegan biohackers while getting ready for  the free webinar “popular biohacking or ancient yoga system – what is the difference”. If you would like to get recording of the webinar, email me at admin@magicgreenkitchen.com.

Which gifts do you like to get? Which gifts did you get for your friends and loved ones? Which ideas surprised you? Would love to hear from you in the commentaries.

Happy New 2019!

* Reference cooperation program means  that when you buy something using  the coupons – passwords – i get a small percentage reward from your purchase, which will go toward support the blog.


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