5 organic vacation ideas or how to change the world. Strawberry avocado tomato tartare recipe.

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

This qoute of Anne Lappe, expert on the food systems and author of the book “Diet for a Hot Planet”, have been featuring again in connection with news about the vegan Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed. Prince Khaled founded and is charing the investment group KBW Investments and directs financial flows to change the world, making it kinder and greener. He learned investment management from his father, one of the richest and most successful investors in the world, called Arabian Warren Buffett by New York Times.

Is there any speical on the summer agenda which could result in a large expenditure for our budget amount of expenses?

This is the wondereful word – HOLIDAYS!

I put together several (delightful) ideas for organic vacations, to enjoy, to relax to refill energy, to support your health and to relieve stress, thus you will find yourself in the world of your dream, which is kind and green.

  1. Yoga retreat in the largest yoga center in Europe. Yoga-Vidia in the central part of Germany is ideally located at the historical spa resort, next to the National Parks. The center was founded by the devotees of Swami Sivananda in 1992. It says that Swami Sivananda himself came in the vision and indicated to his disciples a place to set up the center. Today Yoga- Vidya has been expanded into a chain of centers to practice yoga and to train yoga teacher. In order to comply with  ahimsa (non-violence) principles, the first limp of yoga, a few years ago Yoga-Vidia transformed its kitchen from vegetarian to a vegan one. Yogini Kaliji and TriYoga International have been conducting the largest TriYoga retreats in Europe in the center for more than 10 years every summer. The program covers all aspects of practice: TriYoga Flows, Pranavidiya and meditation, philosophy, introduction to Sanskrit, medical facts about yoga, mudras, and in the evening there is a chant club performance when all are chanting mantras and dancing. The center commits to sustainable and regional principles. Yoga retreat is a great opportunity for an organic vacations for the body, soul and mind to purify from stress and to get deeper knowledge about your true Self.
  2. SPA relaxation  in a organic green vegan hotel. Recently, a eco – boutique hotel La Vimea opened its doors in Northern Italy in a picturesque place at the foothills of South Tyrol. The landscape is fantastically beautiful, right one to paint pictures. The hotel has an innovative quality seal  Biotique which is standing for an unusual concept of the individuality in style, the holistic management , respect for silence and simplicity, ethical principles, art and craft, regional, organic, sustainable  and eco-friendly  approaches. The hotel serves a natural vegan cuisine with a special touch. “We have only borrowed the earth from our children. Therefore, we invest in sustainable resources and accept our responsibility. Thank you for helping us in this task,”- says the hotel website. Vegan Hotel  can also help to find other organic vegan hotels, whose number is growing  more and more all over the world.
  3. Animal Sanctuary farm for rescued  animals. There are more and more animal shelters. They are created by enthusiasts and animal lovers who is rescuing  lives of our animal friends from various difficult situations, primarily from death. Meet and communicate  with these amazing personalities, work as a volunteer on the farm or just stop by for a few days and adopt or take a sponsorship of  one of farm tennants. They are charming, kind and intelligent, they like to communicate. The farms organize vegan food for visitors and advise the best vegan options to go out  in the area. My neighbour  spent vacation in Portugal in order to adapt a handicapped dog, which has only one eye. TriYoga teacher Daya rescued  a puppy fallen into a gutter in India and brought her to Malibu, USA. Yogini Kalijdi adopted  the sweet  Sophie to the TriYoga  family.
  4. Come to see Berlin and take part in the summer vegan festival. Berlin is the vegan capital, and this is an indisputable, even Deutsche Welle  wrote about it. In Berlin, there is everything: a vegan supermarket, a vegan sex shop, a vegan gourmet restaurant and the world’s largest vegan festival. Last year 600 thousand people participated in it. This year the festival will take place at the end of August (August 25 – August 27) at Alexanderplatz.
  5. The vegan cruise. To witness the beauty of nature, to taste vegan cuisine and to enjoy 100% vegan lifestyle, to learn more about the veganism benefits for health and ecology and to meet vegan community. In September, the Vegan Cruises is launching the first sea cruise to the Norvergian fjords in addition to river cruises along the Seine, Danube, Rhine and Douro. The program includes vegan cooking classes, medical doctor presentations, yoga lessons, evening music and theater performances.

Strawberry avocado tomato  tartar recipe.


  • Strawberry – 200 g
  • Avocado – 2 pcs
  • Shallot – 2- 3 pcs
  • Tomato – 2- 3 pcs
  • Lemon juice – 2 Tb sp
  • Olive oil – 4 Tb sp
  • Ground black pepper
  • Oregano
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • Basil


  1. Rinse  all greens,  vegetables and fruits. Husk shallot off  and clean strawberries (separate pedicels), spoon  the avocado off. Chop finely avocado, shallot, strawberries and tomatoes. If the tomatoes are too juicy, separate seeds and juice. Mix tomatoes and onions.
  2. Prepare the sauce, mix lemon juice, olive oil, a few sprigs of herbs, black pepper  in the blender till it smooth and homogeneous. You can choose just 2 of your favourites herbs (for example, mint and coriander).
  3. For decoration , you can use cooking rings. Place the ring on a plate and lay in layers: avocado, tomatoes with onions, strawberries. Toss with the sauce and top with greens. Carefully remove the ring and serve.


  1. Классные идеи. Беру на заметку сайт веганских отелей и фотки La Vimea просто вау… Люблю Доломиты.

    • екатерина

      Они в позапрошлом году открылись; Я все мечтаю, что скоро туда поеду. На выходные для начала.

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