Magical coincidence. Vegan potato crust quiche recipe.

“How do you like my blog?” – I feel brave to ask finally my colleague Francesco, the head of a large Italian family.

“You see” – he is approaching the topic in a very diplomatic manner. – “You’re writng about these salads and soups, but I am interested in a real serious recipe to fit our big family style, so the children will enjoy the food too.”

“I want a quiche recipe” – Francesco sums it firmly up “so the dish should taste like a french quiche, but no eggs, no milk and no cheese. Delicious and simple…”

Quiche is a savory open faced pie, very popular dish of French cuisine. That is why quiche attracts so many fans.

I am overwhelmed with a joy: here it is, the real request, true reason to work at, reason to start the blog. To produce such quiche recipe is a very serious project, it requires a scientific approach and detailed plan. I could start wiith a research through the best Internet sources.

Inspired by my plans and the project ahead, I decided to have a quick look in the Facebook friends updates, and then to dive into the quiche project.

The first thing I see is ……

the fantastic vegan quiche picture. Unbelieveble. The magic mental power or a coincidence?

Further developments are unfolding an absolutely incredible story.

“Can I have the recipe please” – I’m dropping a comment line. “Here is a reference to the blog” – immediately responds the picture author. It turns out that the quiche is also special: the crust is made from potato. The blogger Anja Cass changed to vegan diet in 2012, when she was looking for effective ways to loose overweight. She came across The Chinese Study book.

This dramatically transformed her life and inspired to start vegan blog Cooking with Plants, write and pulish 2 vegan cooking books and shooting vegan recipe videos for her youtube page.

Anja uses the nutritional yeast, which is very popular in America. There are lot publications that nutritional yeast is full of healthy nutirants. It adds cheese taste, so it is used to replace cheese for the classical recipes. I do not have nutritional yeast (I do not even know where I can find it in Vienna), so I simply skipped it.

Maybe you’ve already noticed that I cook without salt. I believe that thanks to the diversity of plant-based diets, we get all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Salt is a strong allergen, retains water in the body, which slows down the circulations in the body, so I also did not add the salt.

Quiche turned out beautiful, gentle and … .. very plain.

I fetched a sigh: children (especially Italians, who enjoy pizza with cheese and pasta with cheese sauce) will not like the pie. I asked Anja, asked friends how to replace nutritional yeast and to preserve the taste, but they shook heads.

I have been looking for a solution over 3 days.

I decided for the seconf try. I am happy with the result, which is resulted in this post.

I made another improvement to the recipe (spied out in the Austrian cuisine). The original the crust is made out thin potato circles. Imagine how long you have to practice of fine potato slicing? And if potatoes are small? I grated potatos for the crust. The preparation process has been reduced to 15 seconds.

Vegan potato crust quiche recipe.

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • Potato –  3-4 pcs of average size
  • Cashew – 1/4 cup
  • Chick pea flower – 1/4 cup
  • Oats – 1/4 cup
  • Soya or any other plant based mylk – 1/2 – 2/3 cup
  • Garlic – 2-3 cloves
  • Shallot – 1 pcs
  • Mustard – 1/2 tsp
  • Artichoke (light marinated) – 100 – 150 g
  • Baby spinach – 50-70 g
  • Horseradish – 1/2 tsp fresh grated
  • Spice mix Sonnentor Scharf-macher (sweet pepper, chili, basilic, oregano, thymus, rosemary, black pepper etc) – 1/4 -1/2 tsp
  • Dried tomatos – 3-4 pcs
  • Sweet potato – 1/2 – 1 pcs
  • or bell pepper – 1/2 – 1 pcs
  • Celery stick – 1 pcs
  • Baking dish – my china pie dish has the following parameters 20cm*10cm*4cm


  1. Peel off potatoes. If potatoes are organic, then that just wash them well. Chop them on the grater or in a food processor. For Thermomix I use mode 5 for 15 seconds.
  2. Oil lightly  the baking form with the coconut or any other plant based oil. Make the crust placing the grated potatoes on the bottom of the form as well as at walls. Not too thick. Just to cover the form.
  3. Set the oven at 200С and place the baking dish with crust there for app 10 minutes.
  4. While the crust is softening in the oven, make the filling. Rinse the spinach, peel off garlic and shallot. Place in a blender or food processor all the ingredients (as per the list above starting from  cashew nuts to sun-dried tomatoes) and mix into a homogeneous smooth mass.
  5. Peel off sweet potatoes and chop it in squares. Or as another option you can use bell pepper instead of sweet potatoes. Rinse pepper, remove the seeds and cut it in fine  and thin slices. Rinse celery and dice it.
  6. Take out the baking dish from the oven, pour the filling into the crust leaving app 1 -2 cm on the top and smooth it evenly. Add celery and sweet potatoes or bell pepper and gently drawn them into the filling with the spoon.  You can leave some pieces exposed too.
  7. Place the baking from back into the oven to finish for another 25 – 30 minutes at the same temperature (200C).
  8. Once cooked, take the dish out and set it for 5 – 10 minutes to cool down and to form before serving.

Do you think I managed the task? Delicious, simple and fast?

What kind of dishes you would like to cook, but do not know how? It’s easy – just write your  comment down. And suddenly the Universe will give us another unbelivable story and discovery.

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Bon Appetit!

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