Style with love. Interview with the founder of the designer’s eco-brand Az-Art Svetlana Ribakova.

What entices  pioneers to the far away lands? What inspires the creator to create a unique brand? What motivates an entrepreneur to create ethical products? I finally decided to ask all these questions to vegan business.

I invited Svetlana Ribakova to the the Green Kitchen. She is the founder, mastermind and director of the designer’s eco-project Az-ART.

Above: Svetlana Ribakova wearing shoes Az-Art.

Az-ART is a russian brand, created in 2015 by the creative and positive team, specializing  in the Women’s Textile Shoes.

1. You have been developing production of the ethical brand of shoes and clothing Az-Art. And all the products are made without any animal ingredients. What inspired such a decision?

Everything is correct, we are the only producers in Russia with such a concept – ethical shoes.

Idea for creating the brand came from my search to find stylish and fashionable summer shoes. Was looking forever and could not find anything…

Then came the thought to make such shoes )). We started from textile, using boulogne in winters, then added eco-leather. When we started, there was a very small selection of such type of materials, and now there is way more selection, it seems word is moving toward ethical fashion which we are very exited about. I have stopped eating meat few years ago, leading healthy lifestyle, love nature and my future projects will be to support and protect environment.

And in general, let animals live and enjoy themselves. Let everyone wear their own skin. And we will be fashionable and stylish due to the high end technologies, not at the price of life of other beings.

2. How do you invent design for your shoes? What is the secret of creating the product customers love?

I invent shoes for myself, even that the experts in the fashion field say this is not correct )) and one has to be oriented towards the market.

I invent shoes that I myself would love to wear, comfortable – for every day, stylishly and universally designed to wear with any outfit, sometimes creative – to elevate the mood and for brave ventures outside.

Just like that and no secrets)

Above – models wearing shoes from Az-Art and eco-fur coats Katai.

3. How do you chose where to purchase “ingredients” for your products. What plays the key role?

Quality plays  the key role, we always work on improving it; also colors, palette and prices, of course.

4. Looking back, which moment of achievement, which business decision could you call the most most important worth saying a toast to with a glass of champagne (vegan of course) or a glass of an apple juice? And why?

Not for now)

5. May I ask a personal question? We are at the Green Kitchen where we are talking about the “green” plant based ingredients. What is your favorite fruit and why?

I prefer veggies )). Big fan of  carrot juice, for example))

Svetlana agreed to gift readers of the blog: use key word “MAGIC” and get 5% discount on your purchases at the Az-ART store.

Carrot and orange juice cocktail recipe.


  • Carrots – 2-3
  • Orange – 1
  • Turmeric – 1 tsp.
  • Chia seeds – 1 tsp.


  1. Peel the orange. Juice carrots and orange.
  2. Add turmeric and blend well.
  3. Add chia and blend again


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