How quickly to find a vegan restaurant in an unfamiliar city or a happy cow loves to travel.

I am fond of traveling and often decide to go spontaneously, right on the eve.

Under the time pressure during the trip, I am turning to the Happy Cow for an advise.

This platform quickly and reliably helps me in an effective search for a cosy vegan place for a lunch or a dinner, coffee and desserts, or even a hotel.

Eric Brent created the database Happy Cow back in 1999 to help all vegans and vegetarians easier to travel and have a platform to share culinary experiences.

Eric himself became a vegetarian during his university time and have been traveling around the globe teaching English. During his journey, he clearly saw how cruelly people treated animals. It convinced Eric to abandon the animal products and to transit to veganism. He was inspired to create HappyCow to promote veganism.
HappyCow: The Healthy Eating Guide

Since 1999, the platform has been expanding and was upgraded following the latest internet developments.

There are more than 25,000 vegan and 65,000 vegetarian restaurant in more than 175 placed around world listed in Happy Cow Database.

If the restaurant menu is at least +60% vegetarian it is added to the listing as veg-friendly.

The use of the platform is easy. You only need to enter the city and select which type of restaurants you are looking for: vegan, vegetarian or vegan friendly.

HappyCow Find Veg Restaurants & Health Food stores nearby:

As a result, you will receive a list of cafes and restaurants with addresses, telephones, working hours and average check level. The list is also reflected on the map on the right. Vegan places indicated in green, vegetarian in dark violate, and vegan friendly in red.

Select the restaurant by a click, its page will be opened with more details and reviews.



On the page you will find a detailed description of the place and menu, address and contact phone number, working hours, photos and reviews of the community members a rating and total number of reviews, link to the site of the restaurant and its Facebook page, location on the map.
HappyCow will also tell the nearest restaurants and cafes that match your search criteria.

It is possible add your own feedback and photos, although you will be required to register, this is easy and take just a moment, you can sign it with the account in other social networks.

The community connects more than 125 thousand members, I am also a part of it , of course.

HappyCow provides a lot of other useful information. There is a great selection of vegan and raw recipes for every taste collected from all over the world.

A few years ago HappyCow published a vegan cooking book of gourmet recipes from chefs of leading green vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The book can also be purchased in electronic format.

There are different interesting helpful article and posts in Veg Topics section elaborating on the positive effect of vegan diet of the health and environment, list of vegan celebrities just to confirm that we are in good company, tips for the vegan travellers, on ethical aspects of vegan diet and animal rights.

Download the mobile application HappyCow to your phone. Why should we wait for the next trip? Why not today to pick up a nice vegan place to meet the friends for dinner right in your home town.

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