Pancakes and kisses don’t like to be counted during the Carnival. Fermented pancakes simple recipe

Why are pancakes round?

There is an explanation that pancakes symbolize the sun (just as ruddy, round and yellow), this is why spring is being celebrated with the pancakes during the Carnival.

In Europe Carnivals go full swing in February. During Women’s Carnival Thursday (this year its on March 8) my german co-workers clip their own ties and hang their clipped tie collection in the big room for negotiations. Sing songs and drink beer. This is the why most men show up at the office without the tie, so their expensive tie doesn’t fall pray to the lady with the scissors, because during Women’s Carnival Thursday girls and ladies hunt for ties. A kiss is given as a reward to the owner of the clipped tie.

As a German tradition Carnival starts at 11 hour 11 minute and 11 second.

The word Carnival comes from latin word “carne levare” and means “farewell to meat”!

In Austria traditional dish eaten during the Carnival are donuts or Krapfen.

Argentina has the longest Carnival. Recipe idea is taken from Argentinian kitchen – pancakes made from chickpea flour. Chickpea flour is used in kitchens of many nations – Indian, Mediterranean. It’s a basic recipe that can be filled with any flavors by adding spices and other ingredients.
Chickpeas gather the dough “together”, this is why chickpea flour can replace eggs in baking. To make pancakes lighter I mixed chickpea flour and buckwheat flour together in equal proportions.

Pancakes can be served with “black” caviar made of amaranth or chia seeds.

Would you rather prefer vegetable fritters? Try this pumpkin fritter recipe during the Carnival.

Fermented pancakes simple recipe.


  • Buckweat flour – 1 cup
  • Chickpea flour – 1 cup
  • Filtered water – 2 cups


  1. I made my own buckwheat and chickpea flour. My blender has a special blade for spices and dry fine grinding. Coffee grinder will also work. First I blended dry chickpeas and then buckwheat groats into the flour. It took less than a minute.
  2. Cover with a clean towel and place into a warm place to ferment overnight or for about 6-8 h
  3. For baking, heat up the pan ( I use a coated pan which allows to use no oil), add oil if needed, preferably coconut oil. When pancakes start to bubble, turn them over.
  4. Can add vanilla, cinnamon and/or other ingredients according to you taste.


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