Save the tuna. Raw sushi recipe.

Fastest fish in the world, bluefin tuna is on the edge of extinction.

Main reason for this sad fact is stunning success of Japanese sushi in the world in the past few decades. Amazing that sushi has become so popular.

Japanese food is more multifaceted and unusual than just sushi – Japanese fast food created at the end of 19 century by the chef from Edo (name for Tokyo back then).

Does not seem very speical: pressed rectangle of the boiled rice, barely soaked with the soy source, with a piece of the raw, fresh water fish, wrapped into nori – dried up sheets of salty seaweed.

Main focus is on the soy sauce and wasabi.

Seems salt from the soy sauce and hot wasabi made people from all over the planet fall in love with sushi.

When I tried sushi in the cozy small cafe in Vienna called Sushi Pirates, my opinion of sushi got dramatically transformed.

Chef of the restaurant is from Brazil, he grew up and studied in the Japanese culture. Brazil as it turns out has the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan. His family managed more than 15 Japanese restaurants, including the sushi restaurant chain.

Once upon a time chef looked into the eyes of the huge blue sky colored fish and decided that he does not want the fish to die for pleasure of people who are used to eating sushi.

As a really talented chef he created concept of sushi without the fish, where he integrated his knowledge, genius and culinary experience. Family knowledge of the subtleties of Japanese cuisine multiplied by the sunny exotic fruits and veggies of Brazil! Sushi turned out magically colorful, filled with unbelievable flavor. There is even sushi with fermented sauerkraut – so yummy!


How do you like these sushi without the fish?

Lets save the fish and join the Sushi Pirates. Vegetable sushi rolls recipe is a winter variation, it is more rich and nourishing.

Vegetable sushi rolls can be prepared fast and easy, they can be rolled with friends or kids.

Rolls are eaten even faster than made, with the speed of tuna.

Raw vegetable sushi rolls

Ингредиенты (4 порции)

  • nori – 4 sheets
  • salad leaves – 4 – 8 leaves
  • sesame seeds – 1 cup
  • lemon juice – 2 Tbsp.
  • авокадо – 1-2
  • морковь – 2-3
  • огурец – 2
  • грецкий орех – 1.8 oz (50 gr)
  • sun dried tomatoes – 12-14 halves
  • ground black pepper  – 1/4 tsp
  • pimento or sweet paprika  – 1/2 tsp
  • cayenne – tiny pinch


For the base – blend sesame seeds into sesame paste in the coffee grinder or blender, using special blades for blending seeds into flour. Add lemon juice and spices – ground black pepper, pimento pepper or sweet paprika, cayenne  and mix  everything well. Lemon juice  blends sesame paste well, making it easy to place on the nori sheet, but at the same time paste should not be too watery.

For the filling – wash all the veggies well, peel the  skin from  the carrots, avocado and cucumber, take away avocado seed. Cut veggies into thin long slices.

Vegetable peeper can be used to slice carrots and cucumber, making pieces even and thin.

This will allow the rolls to be even and tight.  If sun dried tomatoes are hard – soak them in water ahead of time, but no longer than 30 min.

For making rolling easier can purchase a special bamboo mat and cover it with a plastic wrap.

Or use a napkin that is  similar in design.

Place nori sheet on the mat or cutting board, shiny side down. Spread the thin layer of the base – sesame paste onto 1/2 or 3/4 of the nori sheet (more base –  thicker thr roll). Place salad leaf on top and along the  side of the nori sheet place sliced veggies, topping it with several pieces of walnuts.

Start rolling  from the side, pressing carefully and hard, especially in the beginning of the rolling, going turn by turn. To seal the roll – at the end of the process place few drops of lemon juice at the end of the roll to “glue” it.

Cut the roll across into 6-8 pieces. Please be patient  not to press knife too strong into the roll, “saw” it for longer instead, to softly cut the nori sheet.

Imagine how many fish families we will save in a year.

Combination of tastes and varied structure of ingredients in the roll will make you forget about wasabi and soy sauce.

Healthy ingredients.

Sesame seed is a great source of oils (including Omega 3), proteins and carbohydrates. They exceed most other foods in calcium conten, reach in vitamin E (antioxidant) and contain unique sesame lignan, and the lignan sesamolin which slows down aging process!


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