Japan fascination. Vegetable miso soup recipe




Miso soup recipe


  • Mugi Miso Paste (or any other type of miso paste you like)– 2 Tbsp
  • Brussels sprouts – 5 – 8 sprouts
  • Sea veggies (dry) – 2 tbsp
  • Silk tofu – 100 g
  • Water – 0.6 l – we aim to have 0.5 l of the broth, so 1 Tbsp of miso paste for ¼ l
  • Leek – 5 – 7 cm
  • Parsley


  1. Make broth from the Brussels sprouts – add the sprouts to the boiling water in to the pot and then cook the broth over 10 min on the low heat.
  2. soak sea veggies in the cold water for 10 – 15 minutes (or as per the instruction on the veggies package)
  3. while the broth is cooking cut the tofu into cubes and leak in fine circles
  4. when the broth is ready take out the sprouts
  5. take a cup of the broth into a separate cup for miso paste
  6. add sea veggies, tofu and leek to the pot with the broth (it is still on low hear)
  7. add miso paste into the cup with the broth ( see p.5) and stir the paste into the broth to get the homogeneous mass. As miso is fermented it is better to avoid heating / boiling it, so we keep all healthy ingredients in the soup.
  8. cut the sprouts into halves and add back to the soup pot
  9. add a broth with miso paste to the soup, shut down the heat, stir the soup, add fine cut parsley on the top of the soup. Leave the soup for a minute or 2 in the pot and then it is ready to serve.